14 January 2016
14 January 2016,

9 Ways Home Foundation Damage Occurs
Some homes have foundation issues because they were not constructed the right way or inferior products may have been used to cut costs. Some homeowners may not realize that they have contributed to damaging their home’s foundation. Simple mistakes like allowing water to pool against your concrete foundation can cause problems much further down the road. The experts suggest property owners pay close attention to the following causes of home foundation damage.

How Home Foundation Damage Can Occur


A substandard contractor can cause damage to the foundation when remodeling. Adding more weight to a home can throw off the weight to one side or another. Uneven pressure can create additional stress on the home’s foundation that leads to cracks and breaks that may not show up right away. Experts say that any structural changes to homes must be approved by the city or a certified contractor to prevent these types of problems from happening. Often, changes require a permit that includes a site inspection from a city inspector.

Seasonal Weather

The natural heating and cooling temperatures in an area like Houston, Texas can cause expansion and contraction in the foundation that leads to fissures in the concrete. Over time, water and ice can get into these minute cracks causing them to get bigger and deeper. Each time the seasons change, the damage gets worse and worse until it becomes a major issue to repair. Experts suggest that all homeowners have a routine maintenance visit to catch any seasonal damage before it gets worse.

Improper Drainage

Soil that holds puddles of water can significantly damage the foundation of a home. Houses without gutters or those with broken gutter systems let the water pool around the concrete. This additional water also moves soil out of the way and creates room for damage. This is another problem that can be found with an annual maintenance check from an expert.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a very common problem in Houston and many other cities in the U.S. Tree roots can grow under the foundation and penetrate the concrete from below where they are hidden from view. It is recommended not to plant tress that grow lateral roots. Instead plant trees that have taproots, such as oaks or conifers.

Damaged Plumbing

Sanitary (sewer) pipes cracked or broken are the number one cause of foundation settlements. Watching the meter can give the property owner a definite answer to whether there is a water leak on the property. If you notice this happening it is best to call a company like Coastal Bend that provides slab leak detection and repair services.

Poorly Planned Foundation Preparation

Sometimes a concrete pad is installed incorrectly. This could be because of the inexperience of the foundation contractor or because the job was done incorrectly. These kinds of problems affect homeowners all across Houston and the United States.

Inferior Construction

Improper home construction can lead to foundation damage. Sometimes the job is rushed. Other times, it could be because inferior materials were used to lower costs. Experts suggest that all homeowners hire a trusted professional to perform any foundation installation or repair. Homes that are known to have issues with the foundation should regularly be inspected.

Poor Ground Material

The ground must be compacted to a particular density before a foundation is installed. When the wrong amount or type of soil is used, it can create the perfect breeding ground for a damaged foundation. If the right foundation contractor is not used, cutting corners could cause future problems with the foundation.

Excess Watering

Too much water is the biggest mistake that homeowners make in regards to the foundation of their house. Watering the flowers too often. Watering the lawn too often or for too long of a period. Draining the swimming pool in the yard or leaving a garden hose running for the kids to play with can damage the foundation over time. All of these things can cause the soil to erode and concrete to fail.

Experts suggest that homeowners use a trusted, local concrete specialist to inspect the foundation of the home each year. This can help identify problems before they become major issues and can stop damage by finding tree roots or eroded soil before the foundation is affected. Coastal Bend Foundation Repair has been serving homeowners in Houston since 1997. Our foundation repair experts are more than qualified to inspect foundations and conduct preventive maintenance checks for homeowners.

Contact Coastal Bend Foundation Repair to learn why we are the leading foundation repair company in the area. Request a Free Estimate Online or call us at (866) 577-1664 to learn about our company and foundation repair processes.

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