You Have a Partner in your Corner

Smart builders work hard in today’s market to provide their homeowners with a quality foundation. Builders have a myriad of hoops to jump through to ensure a good slab. Currently builders have soil test performed, slabs designed by engineers, concrete tested for strength, inspectors on site for evaluation during pours; however, sometimes there are factors outside the builder’s control. For example, expansive soils, lowering water tables, underground leaks, and other unknown conditions can cause structural problems. Builders need a qualified professional in their corner that can identify the differences between normal heaving which a monolithic slab is designed to withstand, versus a structural problem that needs to be addressed.

At Coastal Bend, we share years of experience with home builders to help assess and identify structural vulnerabilities. Let us join forces with your team of builders and ensure your home stays on solid ground.

If you or your builder is looking for a reliable foundation repair contractor, consider Coastal Bend’s builder services. We make sure that you get one of the most trusted foundation contractors in the greater Houston area. We also realize time is of the essence, so we strive for “same week” estimates. We understand that the last thing any homeowner wants is to be put off several weeks while their foundation problem gets worse.

We appreciate the relationship between an owner and builder, and we will work with both to customize the right solution.