As you look across Houston’s landscape, it’s hard to picture the rice fields that used to blanket this part of the state. Today, that same expansive soil supports more than 890,000 homes, and most of them sit on concrete slabs. When property owners ask us about concrete slab foundation repairs, these three questions often come up.

How Much Does an Average Slab Foundation Repair Cost?

You may have neighbors who had the work done for as little as XXX, and extensive repairs on very large homes can run as high as XXX. Most homeowners are surprised to learn that the average cost of slab foundation repair here in Houston is only XXX. Many factors affect the price and vary depending on:

  • The size and age of your home and the extent of its foundations’ damage
  • Type of foundation problems ranging from cracks to shifting ground
  • The need for an engineering and/or geotechnical inspection and report
  • Any work necessary to compensate for soil conditions under the house
  • Material and labor costs required to complete your specific project

What Does Slab Foundation Repair Involve?

The answer depends on how much corrective work your concrete slab foundation needs. Repairing cracks can be a simple job, but they’re often symptoms of a foundation that needs leveling. This process also helps strengthen the existing structure, and a typical job includes:

  • Initial site prep and equipment setup for concrete pier installation
  • Determining the installation location of concrete piers
  • The number of solid concrete piers pressed into foundation soil by resistance to your home’s weight
  • Coordinated stacking of piers until installation hits stable soil
  • Verification of pier point loads and overall reduction of span deflection

What Should You Expect From Your Foundation Contractor?

Hiring the right foundation repair company in Houston is an important decision. Their work ensures the structural stability of your home, so you want someone who meets professional industry standards. You should always expect the following from a reputable foundation repair contractor:

  • Solid references as well as positive reviews from established online sites and the BBB
  • Verifiable information about professional experience with similar projects
  • Proof of insurance, bonding and licensing required by the state of Texas
  • A written bid that clearly covers the cost of all project materials and labor
  • Written warranties on manufacturers’ materials and the contractor’s workmanship

Coastal Bend Has Your Answers

If you’re concerned about slab foundation repair cost, contact us here at Coastal Bend. We offer a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate based on your home’s size, location and existing foundation. We’ve been answering homeowners’ questions and solving foundation problems since 1997, so give us a call today at 866-577-1664 or contact us online.