Driven Pier System 4 Step Repair Process

Coastal bend offers a four step process for leveling and stabilizing your home.

Step 1
A Coastal Bend representative evaluates your foundation and soil conditions. A pier location drawing is generated during the evaluation, depicting pier locations and course of action that is recommended for repair.

Step 2
Certified Coastal Bend employees dig small, 2 foot x 2 foot holes near the edge of the foundation, approximately 4 feet deep. Dirt is placed on plywood to protect yard and plants. Plants in the area are dug up and moved, then replaced when job is finished. In some cases, concrete on porches, decks, and sidewalks are cut and removed to access the slab. These areas are also 2 foot x 2 foot in size. Once finished, concrete will be put back in the areas and finished out smooth to match the existing concrete.

Step 3
Coastal Bend employees then drive concrete piers into the ground under the edge of the slab with a hydraulic ram until the piers develop enough resistance to sustain the pressure needed to hold up the slab. Once this is accomplished, a concrete cap block is installed on top of the piers. A hydraulic jack is then installed on top of the cap block. The hydraulic jack is used to lift the house, so that a concrete pier can be installed next to it. Once the house is at the desired location, steel shims are installed on top of the concrete pier. The jacks are then removed and a second pier with shims is installed next to the first. The house is now adjusted and stabilized.

Step 4
Replace dirt and compact it into holes. Replace concrete in areas where it was removed. Put plants or bushes back into the locations they were removed from. Rake up dirt in yard, and clean up all debris.