Many older houses here in Houston rest on pier and beam foundations, and our area’s slow soil drainage takes a toll on the structural integrity of these vital home bases. We’re often asked these three questions when property owners need information about pier and beam foundation repair cost.

What Are the Typical Costs For Pier and Beam Foundation Repair?

Because each project is different, the cost of pier and beam foundation repair can range from as little as $XXX to as much as $XXX. The average foundation repair cost per pier is $XXX and an average job here in Houston runs $XXX and may include:

  • Structural engineering services covering a site inspection and report
  • A soil analysis and report prepared by a geotechnical engineer
  • Identification and repair of any slab leaks and drainage problems
  • Mold remediation and replacement of rotted lumber
  • Soil removal, pick up and disposal services as necessary

What Should You Expect?

Most foundation repair jobs address extensive structural problems under your home, but many projects can be completed in several days. During the repair process, you can expect your contractor to:

  • Explain the steps involved in pier and beam foundation repairs
  • Recommend relocating outside items like patio furniture and barbecue grills
  • Ask that you remove items from interior walls over the working area
  • Address the project’s effect on landscaping around your foundation
  • Identify any drainage and ventilation modifications needed under the house
  • Take extra care around HVAC connections, water, electric and gas lines

How Do You Choose a Contractor?

Pier and beam foundation repair belongs in the hands of an experienced foundation contractor who specializes in this kind of work. A reputable foundation repair business will always provide:

  • Proof of Texas licensing, insurance and bonding compliance
  • Number of years in the business and experience with projects like yours
  • References from previous customers, reputable online review sites and the BBB
  • An easy-to-understand bid that details materials and labor
  • A clear schedule of payment amounts and due dates
  • Verifiable warranties on materials and workmanship

Coastal Bend Foundation Repair at Your Service

When you have foundation questions, call us first here at Coastal Bend. We provide answers and solutions that fit houses of every size, type and age. Our teams have been keeping homes on solid footing across Texas since 1997. Our pier and beam foundation repair estimates are always free, so contact our friendly teams today online or call 866-577-1664.