Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Austin
Is your house suffering from the need for pier and beam foundation repair? If so, you’re not alone. Many home owners across Houston and throughout Texas discover that their homes require foundation repair at some point.

Beware of those who tell you that pier and beam foundation repair is a DIY job. You will need specialized equipment and a certain amount of experience to ensure that the job is done properly. House leveling with low-quality block piers and jacks simply won’t provide the necessary support for your home. The problem will reappear in short order, and could damage the foundation even further.

Pier and Beam Foundation Failure

Pier and beam foundation failure in Houston and around Texas can occur in a variety of ways. Common symptoms include the following:

  • Failure of doors to open or shut easily
  • Mold and mildew growth in the walls
  • Sagging, sinking or bounciness in wooden floors
  • Cracks in the sheet rock walls in the interior of your home
  • Termite infestation
  • Bowed walls

If you notice signs of previous repairs in your home, such as shimming between piers and beams, you can be fairly certain that someone attempted a repair job at some time in the past. A DIY job or a job done by a inexperienced foundation repair contractor will generally feature shimming substitutes such as scrap wood and cardboard. These substitutes are by no means an adequate replacement for the tools and supplies used by a professional foundation repair company in Houston.

Causes of Pier and Beam Foundation Issues

In Houston and all over Texas, there are two main causes for pier and beam foundation failure: moisture and improper design.

Moisture is Not Your Friend
Moisture is highly prevalent in crawlspaces. These damp, dark environments are a breeding ground for mold, fungus and termites. Vented crawlspaces can also become extremely humid during the summer. Leaks in plumbing and HVAC ductwork can exacerbate the natural humidity levels for a crawl space. This excess moisture can cause wooden support structures to weaken and eventually collapse if the problem is not solved in a timely fashion.

Improper Design Can Lead to Problems
Piers and beams require proper placement in order to be effective. In older homes, piers are often spaced too far apart to provide the correct support. Piers spaced too far can result in an excessive load on the girders and beams. If these support structures are overloaded, they may eventually sag and even exhibit stress fractures. Undersized joists and girders may also exhibit these symptoms of overloading. Two-storied homes are especially at risk for support structure overload. The extra weight of the second story will require a sturdy foundation to prevent structural instability.

Don’t Fret! There’s Hope for You
There are multiple solutions available to repair piers and beams. The ideal solution will be cost-effective and enduring. Several repair options are listed below:

  • Strong steel shims for initial shimming or re-shimming
  • The correction of all water-related problems, such as drainage and leaks
  • Resolution of mold problems and the installation of fresh lumber to repair damage
  • The installation of new concrete piers with a concrete base pad

The type of pier and beam foundation repairs suggested will depend upon the extent of the damage in your home, the underlying cause of the problem and your budget. The presence of a crawl space makes for an easier repair job than would be possible if the house was in need of concrete slab foundation repair. The materials and equipment needed to access a crawl space are less expensive than those needed to access a slab foundation.

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