Home Foundation Repair Houston & Texas

Coastal Bend is a foundation repair contractor that provides superior home foundation repair services in Houston and across the great state of Texas. Our residential foundation repair services include pier and beam foundation repair, slab foundation repair, slab leak detection and repairs. We offer free home inspections and provide a lifetime warranty of all of our foundation repairs.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair“Pier & Beam” or “Block & Base Houses” settle and crack because the wooden beam foundation at the base is unable to support the structure. Structural integrity can be affected do to age, weather, and moisture or termite damage. The shrinking and swelling of soil due to drought or increased moisture can cause the house to shift and move. If you have drywall cracks, sticking doors or windows that won’t shut and lock you may need your house leveled.We begin with an inspection under the house so our technicians can assess the condition of the beams and the concrete block bases that support the structure. If the house needs leveling then the supporting concrete blocks are re-leveled first, then any rotten beams are replaced. Once these two steps are completed the house is gradually lifted to its original line of construction. Continue Reading >>

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Slab Foundation RepairOnce your home has been evaluated and the problem is identified, a repair solution is needed. When a foundation settles, it needs to be lifted back to its existing position or as close to level as safely possible. The main thing to remember is that we want the movement downward to stop, and the foundation to be stabilized. Continue Reading >>

Apartment Foundation Repair

Apartment Foundation RepairCoastal Bend Foundation Repair also specializes in multi-family units and apartment foundation repair services. Coastal Bend works with homeowner associations, property managers, and homeowners in Houston and across Texas. In addition to solving foundation problems for apartment complexes, Coastal Bend provides foundation drainage correction to prevent future water damage.

Condominium Foundation Repair

Condo Foundation RepairCoastal Bend understands the complexities involved when condominiums have foundation issues. We work with condominium associations and homeowners in Houston and across Texas to solve foundation issues caused by unstable soil or drainage issues around the buildings. We offer free foundation inspections and pricing information for all our projects.

Townhome Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair For TownhomesCoastal Bend specializes in repairing townhome foundations for homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas. If you are seeing cracks in foundation, walls, or brick it may be time to bring in a professional residential foundation repair company to assess the damage. Schedule a free inspection from the leaders in home foundation repair.

Slab Leak Detection & Repair

Slab Leak RepairMany times foundation problems are directly linked to plumbing leaks. The constant moisture from a leak, combined with expansive soils, is a recipe for foundation problems. This is usually an issue with older homes due to cast iron plumbing. Many houses built prior to 1960 had cast iron sewer piping through and under the foundation. The cast iron piping corrodes over time unlike the more modern PVC plumbing. Once a leak starts from a corroded pipe, it increases the moisture level under the foundation, thus, resulting in expansive soils moving the slab. Once the slab moves, it will sometimes break additional pipes resulting in more problems. Continue Reading >>