MIXCOMMERCIALWe have started to air our commercial over at TexasMix 105.3 where you can find both today’s country music with a mix of country classics.

“It’s the American dream to own your own home. But have you noticed that your door and windows stick or won’t open? Do you have broken tile or sloping floors, Lines or cracks in the brick or siding outside your home? Then you have one of the biggest headaches of being a home owner, Foundation problems. Foundation problems can lead to even bigger headaches including plumbing and structural damage. Left alone a simple repair will turn into a complete remodel. Call Coastal Bend Foundation and schedule a FREE inspection. Coastal Bend Foundation is locally owned, insured and BBB rated. Call them today at (866) 577-1664. Thats (866) 577-1664 or visit Coastalbendfoundation.com.”