Review Of Top Mortgage CRM Software

client relationshipWhen it comes to essential pieces of software for loan officers, high-quality mortgage CRM is vital. This system ensures that their prospects, their clients, their referral partners, as well as other contacts are organized in one location. It could be said that what is even more important than the actual system is how well it works with the processes and procedures in your office. It can bring much benefit when the system smoothly integrates all of the office’s processes and these days a variety of CRMs are being designed so that they will perfectly fit the needs of mortgage professionals. Granted, Floify isn’t a mortgage CRM, but we sure do know a thing or two about mortgage technology and how the needs of mutual clients need to be met in a uniform way- in other words; mortgage loan originators. Solutions such as these are really stepping up to the plate and can give mortgage offices the chance to automate many of their common processes related to areas such as drip marketing, reporting, and lead distribution. Looking at the mortgage lending industry, various mortgage CRM systems are available which are growing in popularity in one way or another. In fact, we compare several of the systems which are proving very popular today to see the main benefits that they offer and the way that they could smoothly work alongside a loan officer’s LOS, POS, and other user systems.

Unify CRM

In recent times we have heard quite a lot about the mortgage CRM system, Unify, in fact, there are some enterprise lender customers here at Floify that make use of it. This system doesn’t offer many bells and whistles but instead focuses on strong support for contact management and marketing, as well as this it provides analytics that you could say a data-driven sales team would be very thankful for. The lenders that we are aware of who is using this system could arguably be said to be among the industry’s most process-focused and organized. This is not a system that tries to merge into other territories. You won’t find 1003, other calculators or loan document management. What this mortgage CRM is all about client relationship management and does it ever deliver on that.

The Main Features Of Unify CRM

Lead management, referral partner and management Marketing communications that are automated Co-branded materials for marketing use Real-time LOS integration Database monitoring Flyers, emails, campaigns and more Campaigns for post-close Mobile app for use on the go Marketing and business analytics Excellent video marketing.

The Take-Away for Mortgage CRM Software

Unfortunate as it is, Unify is among the mortgage CRM systems which do not provide pricing information for the general public to be able to view. Hence it makes it difficult to recommend this system for small teams or individuals that are focused on price. However, what we will say is that it provides a very solid option as far as functionality goes, what a CRM is really meant to deliver on. We would really like to see other solutions also adopt the real-time LOS integration that we see here in the near future.  Contact Unify CRM for more information today.